Gui Napolitano vents about attacks after “BBB 20” and relationship with Gabi Martins: “I believed I was going to defend myself”; watch!

More than a year after the final of “BBB 20“, the troubled relationship between Gui Napolitano and Gabi Martins inside the confinement still yields discussions and outbursts out here. This Tuesday (24), the model participated in the podcast “PodDarPrado”, by Gabi Prado, and opened his heart about having been called abusive by the public at the time of the reality show. He also talked about how some “fans” of the ship GuiBi turned his life into a real hell.

The ex-BBB explained that he was surprised to be eliminated from the program and found out that the main motivation for the votes would have been his behavior towards Gabi, with whom he had an affair inside the house. “My mother suffered a lot with this thing. She wanted me to leave, and today I see that the best thing that happened was that I left that day. Is it over there [Gabi Martins] he called me and I said I had left because they had called me abusive, and abusive I wasn’t”, guaranteed.

Gui revealed that it still took a long time for the singer to finally publicly position herself about the relationship they had, even though she had already recognized that dating had not been how viewers saw it. “On the phone she told me that I wasn’t abusive, but brother, if I’m with a person who didn’t defend me in the media… She went to talk, give an interview, talk about me about not being abusive in August, and we came out in March. I thought, if a person wants to be with me they will be on my side. She won’t be with an abusive guy. So, I really believed that she would defend me in the media”, delivered.

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The boy stressed that he did not think that Gabi Martins “surfed” the controversy to continue in the media or something like that, but he believes that the artist made no effort to defend him, even telling him that the relationship was not abusive. Gui also remembered that the relationship with the family of Minas Gerais was always positive, which would have been impossible if he had really mistreated her in the program. “If the person wants to be with me, he has to start with [a iniciativa de me defender]. This wasn’t an ‘oh, I like him’ proof. It was the least. It’s bad that you’re called abusive in the media and you don’t have anything to do, bro. And I know I wasn’t abusive. I’m shitting for the people who say I went”, he stated.

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Gabi Martins and Gui Napolitano lived a controversial novel at “BBB 20”. Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

In another moment of the interview, Guilherme also spoke of the people who rooted for the romance between him and Gabi Martins, and who assumed an absurd behavior even after seeing that this would not happen. “It’s not generalizing, but many fans, yes, attacked you [Gabi Prado], my friends…”, started. The ex-BBB recalled that the situation was so tense in dealing with people, that he assumed an ever-vigilant posture. “I have two friends who are family and there came a point where I was getting so worried about the attacks they were getting, that I went to a show and took them both, but I asked them not to post on social media because they would be attacked. ”, he remembered.

When he got home, Gui Napolitano’s mother questioned the girls why they hadn’t published anything from the show, and the ex-BBB explained that it was his request. It was then that the matriarch decided to intervene with a little “ear tug”. “My mother called me and said it was time for me to stop being held hostage by people I didn’t know, who thought they knew about my life and didn’t. It moved me. I stopped, bro. Now any woman who comments on my photo the guys attack?! It’s not right!”, shot.

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The former “No Limite” season five contestant also told how far some people have gone by interfering in his personal life. “I got really pissed off for a long time… It’s bizarre! Guys go much further, that’s why I say there are people who are intense for both sides, the good and the bad. If you don’t meet the expectation that this person was expecting, it’s from heaven to hell. They made my life hell! They put people behind me, taking pictures of me when I left my building, people following me and taking pictures, death threat. How can the human being be unoccupied? The person is living my life a lot, he has nothing to do”, he complained.