Gusttavo Lima prepares to start the biggest tour of his career in Brazil


Show schedule, sold for R$100 million, may open soon and promises to bring the biggest tour of Gusttavo Lima for the brazilian public

There is no doubt that the country singer Gusttavo Lima today he is one of the greatest Brazilian artists in numbers and popularity. be in the Spotify, YouTube, sale of concerts and ostentation of luxury items, the singer is more and more leaving his name in history and we are sure that there is much more to come, considering that he broke the public record with his tour through the United States and comes back with everything next year to satisfy Brazilian fans.

The story began to be made when Gusttavo Lima sold 200 shows for as little as R$100 million, which would give him one of the biggest Brazilian caches (if not the biggest) for each presentation. With the advance of vaccination, it is expected that all Brazilians will be 100% immunized by the end of the year and so the entertainment sector will gradually return to work from 2022 onwards.

As Gusttavo Lima is one of the most visionary artists of this generation, possibly he and his team are already planning his return to the stage and a show schedule definitive for next year, as the dates have already been sold. Considering the absolute success of his tour of the United States, the Ambassador must be more excited than ever to once again present himself to his Brazilian fans in the best possible way and with the excellence he has always had.

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No information has yet been released about the country singer’s concerts for next year, but it is estimated to be historic for his career and fans. The reason? We have a compilation below: The return of the shows after almost 2 years off, which will take fans to the highest level of ecstasy in going to events, the great structure of their presentations (or do you think Gusttavo Lima will come with anything ?Soon he, the Ambassador?).

Another point that calls our attention is the popularity of Gusttavo Lima, who leaves the pandemic much more respected than he came in, all due to his country lives and achievements during that period. In about two years, the countryman has grown so much that fans have asked him to be the first guest on the show. Faust in Band, as found by the Country Movement. Even the singer is a great favorite in the main categories of the award “Best of the Country Movement 2021“. Click here to nominate the singer.

Thus, we continue to wait for the country singer’s official concert schedule. Some have already started to publicize their in-person presentations and the same can happen with the country singer, since we are 4 months away from the end of the year and all this logistics must be done in advance. What we ask is for you to be patient and get vaccinated so that you can enjoy one of the hundreds of Gusttavo Lima performances in 2022. Will you miss it?