Half-Life 2 has been played in Minecraft in five years – see result

Modders developed the entire scenario in blocks and intend to make the world open

Five years ago, in 2016, a group of Minecraft modders decided to pay homage to Half-Life 2 and recreate it in the block world. After long hours of work, for half a decade, the group shared how the work is going in a video on YouTube and the result is quite complex. The scenarios were recreated in blocks, in detail. Despite looking ready, the group is ready to expand the project, transforming it into an open world.

The video above shows the progress of the work done by the group so far. The Half-Life series is remembered as a classic by the community and, although there are still hopes for a sequel, some fans decide to pay homage to the game in different ways. Rebuild in Minecraft was one of them.

The creation of the group, which is entitled “City-17 [Grand Project]”, has been underway for five years and is not taken as completed. The goal is not only to recreate the game’s scenarios in Minecraft, but also to make it an open world. This developed version would eliminate loading screens between areas, allowing for an expansive imagination of the game.

Although this would already be a very ambitious project, modders want even more. they are adding Borealis to the block version, a mission originally cut from Half-Life 2 episode two. Since she was never placed in the sequel, what many have guessed is that she would be in Half-Life 3, which never made it to the players.

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The ability to create an entire universe within Minecraft is quite impressive. The modders’ action shows the game’s ability to expand, which can bring a lot of possibilities to players, giving action to creativity. It is possible that this action will inspire other groups to create other universes and, perhaps, bring more games closed by the developers.

Half-Life 2 is a title that already gathers tributes, including a remastered collection that was leaked online and will possibly be sent to Steam. All this effort is to keep the memory of the classic alive and, being optimistic, encourage the continuation to be developed by Valve.


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Via: GameRant