Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 24, 2021 | Horoscope

Today's horoscope forecasts provide advice on what to do to make the most of your day
Marcelo Dallas

Today’s horoscope forecasts provide advice on what to do to make the most of your day


Avoid hasty decisions. Mercury confronts Neptune and the Moon is off course, there is a tendency for misunderstandings and false information, try to buy time to research better. It is important to better shape your dreams, cultivate realism, discernment and practicality. In mid-afternoon, the Moon enters your sign, the willingness to act grows. But it is important to invest in strategic planning, contain impulsiveness and immediacy. Don’t let pride or overconfidence get you down.


Venus combines with Saturn, favoring mature attitudes in relationships and finances. Take the opportunity to align interests and fine-tune partnerships. Try to prioritize simplicity, improvement of techniques, whimsy and organization of the routine. In mid-afternoon, the moon enters Aries, the weather becomes more dynamic. However, avoid immediacy and impulsive attitudes. Dedication, commitment, professionalism and perseverance guarantee success. Do your part and give it time.


You can expand your network of contacts and talk to whoever you need to. However, beware of the rush, it is important to gain time for planning and deepening. Mercury confronts Neptune, indicating possible confusing issues to be cleared up. Take the opportunity to get better information, research, cultivate discernment, listen to the voice of intuition and the heart. So you can commit to your goals and objectives, devise strategies to move forward. It is also worth spending energy with physical activities.


In the morning, distractions, misunderstandings and miscalculations are on the agenda, it is good to buy time to understand what needs to be corrected, before taking steps to move forward. In mid-afternoon the Moon enters Aries: then yes, a good time for autonomy, initiative and impulse. It’s worth investing in movement and physical activities. However, avoid impulsive and hasty decisions. The period can be productive for organizations, planning and practical goals. With an expanded vision, you can prioritize issues and think about the future.


The Sun goes on in Virgo, teaching about simplicity and improvement. Solid growth is achieved little by little, step by step. It is necessary to contain anxiety and haste, wait for the right time for the seeds to germinate. This is no time for risky investments. Also avoid criticism, gossip and judgment, as you may be misunderstood or realize you were wrong. In mid-afternoon, the Moon enters Aries, try to put yourself in motion. However, keep your feet on the ground.


The program for the period cannot lack music, magic, color, cinema, dreams and fantasy. Mercury confronts Neptune and the Moon goes off course: it is important to analyze what can be improved, to check false information. Also avoid accumulating appointments. Try to forward as many subjects as possible without haste. In the middle of the afternoon, with the Moon in Aries, you can activate new initiatives, but without anxiety. To grow, it is necessary to structure itself, make savings, better research and plan.


Whenever Venus aligns with Saturn, commitment in relationships is favored. Good time for lasting alliances and agreements. It’s easier to cultivate objectivity and responsibility. In finance too, take the opportunity to organize yourself! Take time to research and reflect better before major investments or important contracts. It’s time to cultivate prudence and simplicity, reduce expectations and demands, dedicate yourself to subjects you already know well and offer security.


It’s important now to prioritize goals and issues, determine what’s important in your life, act more cautiously, and work on what’s already bringing results. Sun, Mercury and Mars follow in Virgo, favoring the improvement of techniques at work, taking care of your project, product or service. Invest in research, therapies and planning. It is easier to cultivate clear goals, to think in the medium and long term to draw strategies. You too can cultivate generosity and offer to help.


For there to be growth and expansion, there must be more commitment, realism and practicality. New ideas can and should be carefully evaluated. It takes review and planning, both at work and in relationship finance. It is important to respect limits, avoid untimely actions, driven by anxiety, unbridled haste, poorly calculated decisions. Venus combines with Saturn to help. Study, improvement, strategy and professionalism are the antidotes.


It is important to set practical goals to make your dreams come true. In the morning, the Moon off course disfavors big decisions. Initiatives must be evaluated with discernment, research, study and preparation. Do everything without haste. The information must be checked, so you can see what illusion is, what really makes sense. Remember that material prosperity goes hand in hand with spiritual prosperity. On the other hand, Venus and Saturn combine to help you move forward with a more objective and strategic vision.


In the first part of the day, the Moon goes off course, indicating possible uncertainties. Better to save time for organizations, planning and research. There is a risk of mistakes and confusion. Whoever checks the veracity of information and cultivates prudence wins. In the middle of the afternoon, the Moon enters Aries, everything gets faster, it makes you want to do what needs to be done right away. Prefer to act autonomously, without depending on anyone. However, it is better to avoid individualistic and short-term attitudes.


It is important now to separate what is real from what is illusory, balancing practical commitments with the desire to fantasize. In the morning, small confusions can arise, better to postpone important deals and purchases. From mid-afternoon onwards, with the Moon in Aries, it is worth planning a walk or physical activities. Take the opportunity to show affection and docility, schedule meetings with your love or loved ones. Also take the opportunity to cultivate faith: prayers and thoughts for the good are of great value.