How to advance emergency aid withdrawal using digital banks

Insured of the emergency aid can anticipate withdrawal. Last week, the Savings Bank started to grant the payments of the fifth installment of the project. For the general public, initially the amount is only retained in the accounts of the box has, but there are ways to advance to release in kind.

How to advance emergency aid withdrawal using digital banks (Image: Reproduction/Diário do Nordeste)
How to advance emergency aid withdrawal using digital banks (Image: Reproduction/Diário do Nordeste)

At fintechs have been offering great support for the emergency aid policyholders. When receiving the benefit, the citizen can anticipate the serve by generating a billet in financial applications. However, you must be careful not to lock the concession.

How to anticipate the withdrawal of emergency aid?

The two most used companies for anticipating the aid it’s the Nubank and PagSeguro. Platform users are able to generate a payment slip and when making the payment, using the resources of the box has, the amount is deposited for the linked digital account.

Payment falls within 1 business day, and the withdrawal can be made after the transfer. The citizen, however, must observe the transaction receipt to appeal for possible errors.

Anticipation by PIX

There is still the possibility of anticipate by PIX. In this case, the service is provided directly by Caixa Tem, and the holder must use a PIX key from someone else. That is, the money cannot fall into the aid recipient’s account.

  • Open the Caixa Tem application and click on the “PIX” option;
  • Enter the PIX key from who will receive the amount;
  • Enter the amount to be paid;
  • Confirm all information, and to finish the process enter your password.

Schedule of deposits and withdrawals of the fifth installment

Fifth installment of 2021 emergency aid: payment schedule (deposit into account) for general public

  • Born in January – August 20th
  • Born in February – August 21st
  • Born in March – August 21st
  • Born in April – August 22
  • Born in May – August 24th
  • Born in June – 25th August
  • Born in July – 26th August
  • Born in August – August 27th
  • Born in September – August 28
  • Born in October – August 28
  • Born in November – August 29
  • Born in December – August 31

Fifth installment of 2021 emergency aid: withdrawal schedule for the general public

  • Born in January – September 1st
  • Born in February – September 2nd
  • Born in March – September 3rd
  • Born in April – September 6th
  • Born in May – September 9th
  • Born in June – September 10th
  • Born in July – September 13
  • Born in August – September 14th
  • Born in September – September 15th
  • Born in October – September 16th
  • Born in November – September 17th
  • Born in December – September 20th

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How to advance emergency aid withdrawal using digital banks

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