Hyundai Crete 2022 is presented; see prices and first impressions – 8/25/2021

After busting, teasers and a pre-reveal late yesterday afternoon, Hyundai officially announced the arrival of the second-generation Crete, its compact SUV.

The model made in Piracicaba (SP) begins to arrive in stores in the second half of September, to supply the entire network in the country at once, with pre-sales starting today (25) and prices starting at R$ 107,490.


  • Crete 1.0 turboflex Comfort: BRL 107,490
  • Crete 1.0 turboflex Limited: BRL 120,490
  • Crete 1.0 turboflex Platinum: BRL 135,490
  • Crete 2.0 Ultimate: BRL 146,990

The controversial look of the Indian version was improved for Brazil, where Hyundai’s design center made a small and subtle change to the grille to make it more to the taste of the local customer.

Despite using the same platform, the Crete 2022 grew 2 cm in the wheelbase, going to 2.61 m, 1 cm in length and width (4.30 m and 1.79 m) and maintaining the 1.63 m of height.

The trunk that had 431 liters was reduced to 422 liters – 9 liters less – which, according to Hyundai were changed due to changes in the cargo compartment lid.

Offered in four versions, three equipped with the 1.0 turbo three-cylinder and flex engine that was already in the HB20 line, and one with the 2.0 engine already known from Crete, but now with some improvements. In all versions, Crete has a six-speed automatic transmission.


The 1.0 turbo engine is exactly the same as found in the HB20. There are three cylinders, with double and variable valve command, producing 120 hp at 6,000 rpm and 17.5 mkgf at 1,500 rpm, either with ethanol or gasoline.

The four-cylinder, naturally aspirated, 2 liters and flex received improvements. The propeller had component and lubricant changes to reduce internal friction between parts. With that, the power and torque are now 167 hp and 20.6 mkgf with ethanol and 157.3 hp and 19.2 mkgf with gasoline. Before, it yielded 166 hp/156 hp and 20.5 and 19.1 mkgf.

Interior Hyundai Creta Comfort 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

Interior Hyundai Crete Comfort 2022

Image: Disclosure

Comfort 1.0 turbo

Since the entry version, Comfort 1.0 turbo, the new Creta 2022 has six airbags, stability control, ramp start assistant, four-wheel disc brake, tire pressure monitoring system, halogen headlights, LED daytime running lights , 8″ multimedia center, rear camera, control and speed limiter (autopilot), steering wheel height and distance adjustment, power windows and 16″ alloy wheels.

Interior Hyundai Crete Limited 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

Interior Hyundai Crete Limited 2022

Image: Disclosure

Limited 1.0 turbo

The intermediate version with 1.0 turbo engine adds 17″ alloy wheels to the Comfort package, fog lamps, electrically folding rear-view mirrors, induction cell phone charger, rear parking sensor, automatic and digital air conditioning, present key with button start, leather-covered steering wheel, rear seat air vents and gearshift fins behind the steering wheel.

The package is complete with the Bluelink system, released on the HB20. It allows you to control a series of functions through an application on your smartphone, such as opening or closing the car and starting to activate the climate control. The system even adds car tracking capability if needed.

Interior Hyundai Creta Platinum 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

Hyundai Crete Platinum 2022 Interior

Image: Disclosure

Platinum 1.0 turbo

Here, in addition to all the above items, there is a panoramic sunroof, new for this generation, leather seats in brown and the driver’s seat with ventilation, 7″ instrument panel with driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport), brake electric hand, rear seat occupant alert, 10.25″ multimedia center with integration to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (both via USB only), 360º camera system with blind spot function.

With the addition of 360º cameras (one in the front, one under each rear-view mirror and the rear), Bluelink gains an extra function that is to see around the car from a distance through the smartphone app, even ensuring safety before approach the car. Furthermore, when the arrow is turned on, the side cameras project the image onto the instrument panel, eliminating the blind spot.

Hyundai Creta Ultimate 2022 - Press Release - Press Release

Hyundai Crete Ultimate 2022

Image: Disclosure

Ultimate 2.0

In the only version available with the 2.0 engine, in addition to all the items available in the 1.0 turbo variants, it adds 18″ alloy wheels to the package, Full-LED headlamps and taillights, leather seats and biton panel finish, mixing brown and beige, and front parking sensor.

Finally, the version brings the ADAS of active and passive security. It includes adaptive high beam, fatigue detector, adaptive speed control (ACC), lane maintenance assistant with correction, and emergency autonomous braking.

ancient crete still online

In addition to the four versions, Hyundai will keep in line the most basic version of the older generation for “indefinite time”. In fact, the Creta Action was the only one that continued to be produced until now and was already on sale as a 2022 line as well.

Equipped with a 1.6 engine up to 130 hp and six-speed automatic transmission, it is available in stores for R$ 96,490. It now features the start&stop system, which turns off the engine on short stops, and the tire pressure gauge.

First impressions: Platinum 1.0 Turbo and Ultimate 2.0

With the 1.0 turbo engine, the first thing you notice is how the Crete comes out of its immobility more easily than with the old 1.6, after all the torque comes early.

On the other hand, one must consider that the three-cylinder engine is naturally noisier than the previous one, as it has a higher level of vibration, like any three-cylinder.

But as in the HB20, it married well with the six-speed automatic transmission that has the option of changing by the lever and also by the fins behind the steering wheel, keeping in manual mode when changing by account.

On a tight track, with tight turns and climbs, the 1.0 turbo showed its best with Sport mode activated when it made the engine smarter and the steering more “heavy” and more precision.

In the case of the version with the 2.0 engine the main feeling is that the engine is quieter than it was before, despite being essentially the same.

Much of this comes down to the new acoustic coating, for example, rather than the fact that the engine has become quieter, but in any case there is more comfort on board because of that.

In both cases, the good suspension adjustment of Hyundai stands out, a legacy still from the first generation. The car is comfortable on the bad road, but in the corners it keeps the body stable in the side balance.