‘I felt left behind’, says influencer on the production of Ana Maria Braga’s program | Fabia Oliveira

Patricia Santanareproduction

Posted 24/08/2021 19:51 | Updated 08/25/2021 10:55 AM

Patrícia Santana is an influencer and maintains an Instagram profile about places and travel tips for pets, called ‘euvoceeospets’. This Tuesday (24), she made an outburst, telling her about an unpleasant situation, which she had with the production of the program ‘Mais Você’, directed by Ana Maria Braga.

“Speaking of the word recognition, I want to open my heart to you because of a super boring situation, which took me a long time to digest and as a part happened yesterday, I want to tell you. When we went to São Paulo, we made that content of research on pets friendly places. We made posts and videos and this material ended up being sent to some press relations contacts and then the production of Ana Maria Braga, from ‘Mais Você’, came to us congratulating us and asking us to redo the script with them to show everything. Of course we accepted, scheduled everything, rescheduled everything and I even bought clothes. The day before, they canceled and said they would have to do a live June party and it wouldn’t work. Fine. So far so good,” he began Patricia.

The influencer revealed that she had already worked with production and that’s why she wasn’t upset, but she ended up discovering another situation. “I was working and then the people at the hotel in São Paulo called me saying that Ana Maria Braga’s production was there. On the same day, the people at the mall called me saying that they went to record and deleted us from the tour. seven years in TV production and I know that the agenda falls at the last minute. But, guys, use our tips and our contacts and don’t even give us a satisfaction because you won’t record with us or give the credits. I felt used, passed backwards, a stab in the back. It is so important to have our work recognized. I was very upset,” assumed Patrícia Santana.