‘I want justice’, tells me of the psychologist found dead in Pouso Alegre – Gerais

Marilda Matias was 37 years old and worked in Carea
Marilda Matias was 37 years old and worked in Careau (photo: Play social networks)

The family of psychologist Marilda Matias Ferreira dos Santos, found dead inside the trunk of their car, in the garage of their house, last Sunday (22/8), in Pouso Alegre, says they want justice. The 37-year-old victim’s body was buried on Monday (8/23) in Bauru (SP), Marilda’s hometown.

“I want justice for what they did to my daughter. I need help, please. It doesn’t hurt too much. A girl full of life, everyone liked her, and now we find out about it. I am very angry. I didn’t conform. I want justice, for the love of the Lord”, vented the psychologist’s mother, housemaid Luzia Matias, in an interview with land of mandu.

Investigations into the psychologist’s death are ongoing. This Tuesday (24), the regional delegate of the Civil Police, Renato Gavio, informed that the victim’s genetic material was collected, that people nearby were already heard, images from security cameras around the residence were collected, as well as the cell phones of the victim and her husband.

“For now, the police are not working with any concrete hypothesis, be it a homicide or a suicide, as the fact is being investigated. I need caution. At the right time, the Civil Police will give an answer to society about what happened, whether it was a homicide and who was the perpetrator. But, for the time being, the police are working with all the hypotheses”, says the police chief.

However, the victim’s mother claims that the daughter would not have committed suicide: “She wasn’t going to take her life, no. My daughter was very dear in Pouso Alegre”.

Also according to Luzia Matias, the psychologist had commented about 15 days ago that she wanted to return to her hometown, Bauru, and that she was unhappy in the relationship.

“She just asked me that she wanted to leave for Bauru (SP). She still said: ‘sell me your house and we’ll live together’. In fact she was not happy to [Pouso Alegre]. She never went into detail with me, she was reserved,” said the psychologist’s mother.

Luzia Matias had four daughters. Psychologist Marilda Matias Ferreira dos Santos was the third to be born.

remember the case

Psychologist Marilda Matias Ferreira dos Santos, 37, was found dead on Sunday morning (22), inside the trunk of her car, in Pouso Alegre. The person who found the body and called the police was the victim’s husband, a 62-year-old veterinarian.

The body of Marilda Matias Ferreira dos Santos was in a Corolla, parked inside the garage of the victim’s own house. For the PM, the husband said that he had received a message from his wife warning that she was going to ride. He said he was working on a farm in the municipality of Careau. Later, when he got home, he didn’t find his wife and thought she wouldn’t have arrived from her bike ride yet.

Psychologist was found dead inside the trunk of her car, in her garage (photo: Land of Mandu)

Faced with the disappearance of the psychologist, the veterinarian would have looked for her in the hospital. When he decided to look inside the car, he found his wife in the trunk and called the police. Marilda Matias was with her feet and hands tied, and with cycling clothes and helmet.

Still according to the police, there were no signs of burglary in the property. Also, apparently nothing had been taken from the residence. There were also no visible signs of violence in the victim’s body. The case is being investigated and so far, no one has been arrested.

(Gabriella Starneck / Special for MS)