Ilha Record: Site reveals who are the two finalists who will dispute the award live; check out!

Spoiler time! The reality “Ilha Record” is still being broadcast on Record’s small screens, but the possible finalists of the attraction led by Sabrina Sato have already started to circulate, which was recorded in its entirety before its debut. Since July, the two participants who will compete in the final have already been defined, but all explorers had to sign confidentiality agreements to protect the game’s secrets.

According to the website Notícias da TV, even with all this care, the names ended up leaking. At the moment, eight competitors are still following firm for victory in the program led by Sabrina Sato. They are: Antonela Avellaneda, Any Borges, Dinei, Laura Keller, Mirella Santos, Nadja Pessoa, Pyong Lee and Valesca Popozuda. The rest of the cast — Claudinho Matos, Lucas Maciel, BL’s MC Negão, Nanah and Thomaz Costa — are in exile.

By all appearances, the next Survival Challenge will be between Pyong and someone else. The site states that, probably, Antonela or Nadja — disliked by Commander Mirella — will face the hypnotist, fighting to stay in the competition. Any of the two that end up in the hot seat will be exiled. That’s because the influencer would be one of the finalists in the game.

The biggest surprise is the second finalist: Any Borges. The influencer has been commander three times this season, but was unable to win any competition. Despite not standing out in her performance in the disputes, the girl managed to create strong alliances that made her reach the expected final dispute for the R$250 thousand prize.

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The grand champion will be decided live, in a decision on September 10th. This day’s edition will bring together the 13 explorers for a washing of dirty clothes. In addition, the other participants will still compete for a prize of R$250,000, which will be decided by popular vote.

Island (3)
Pyong and Any will compete for the top prize on “Island Record”. (Photos: Playback / Record TV)

Finalist controversy

Pyong’s passage to reality, as you know, was quite controversial. Since the beginning of the release of the reality show “Ilha Record”, rumors that the illusionist Pyong Lee had betrayed his ex-wife, Sammy Lee, with fellow cast member Antonela have been circulating on the web. The supposed exchange of caresses and kisses between the ex-BBB and the blonde was reinforced by a teaser released by the network, weeks before the premiere, in order to draw the public’s attention.

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On August 16th, however, such a scene, much anticipated by fans, finally aired and everyone could see what really happened between Pyong and Antonela under the duvet. The duo’s “sticking” was just a conversation and the alleged infidelity of youtuber, for now, did not happen on the reality show. The beauty even tried to start an affair with the ally, however, was not opened.

After the fuss, the Argentine had exclusivity to the that it was all just a strategy to succeed in the game, and that his interest in Lee wasn’t real. She even stated that she has been married for three years, and that her husband would have helped her to draw up the plan. Pyong, in turn, did not speak out and has kept away from their social networks. He didn’t even make a point of publicizing his participation on the Record program and didn’t engage his fans to join him in the attraction that shook his personal life.