In confusion in France, Gerson gets hit with fans of Nice

The game between Nice and Olympique de Marseille, this Sunday (22/8), ended after the home team’s fans invaded the playing field. Confusion paralyzed the match that would later be ended before the final whistle with a 1-0 victory for the hosts.

It all happened 29 minutes into the second half, when Payet took a corner kick on the left side. The fans of the “Eagle” took advantage of the player’s proximity and began to throw objects, hitting a bottle.

Nervous, the attacker returned the “kindness”. That’s what motivated the crowd to invade the field and attack the Olympique players. Several players, including Brazilian defender Luan Peres, ex-Santos, left with scratch marks.

Amidst the confusion, defensive midfielder Gérson, formerly of Flamengo, punched an opposing player who was approaching him. After the coup, the Brazilian was restrained by his teammates.

After a period of stoppage, the referee returned to the field, along with the Nice team, while the Olympique athletes refused to return to the field. Therefore, the referee declared the game over, leaving coach Jorge Sampaoli “mad with rage”.

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