In defeat of Flvio Bolsonaro, commission approves limits for cash – Politics

Senator FL
Senator Flvio Bolsonaro asked for views to try to postpone the vote on the bill, but his request was rejected. (photo: AFP / EVARISTO SA)

The Senate Committee on Economic Affairs approved, this Tuesday (8/24), a bill that establishes limits on transactions and possession of cash. The text now goes to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ). The idea of ​​the proposal is to curb money laundering.

According to columnist Lauro Jardim, of the newspaper “O Globo”, senator Flvio Bolsonaro (Patriota), son of president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), tried to ask for a review of the project again, but the committee chairman, Otto Alencar (PSD), claimed that it was not possible to postpone the vote again, based on the bylaws. Flvio had managed to postpone the analysis of the proposal before.

He argued that curbing money laundering is important, but “it is important to discuss the reality of Brazilians”. But he did not explain what he meant by the statement.

The project whose rapporteur is Alessandro Vieira (Citizenship) probe:

  • cash transactions with amounts above 10 thousand reais;
  • payment of bank slips above 5 thousand reais;
  • traffic in cash above 100 thousand reais, except for transportation by value companies;
  • possession in kind above 300 thousand reais, except in specific situations.

Flvio was investigated for the “split” scheme at the time he was state deputy. He and his former employees were denounced, among other reasons, for suspicious transactions made using large amounts of cash.

*Internship under the supervision of sub-editor Joo Renato Faria