In Paris, Maisa has a gift from her boyfriend – Entertainment

International travel is not always synonymous with glamour, as unforeseen events can happen.

Maisa, 19, is in Paris, France, on a job and amused her fans by telling her that she went through a mess.

The actress and presenter almost missed a special gift from her boyfriend, Nicholas Arashiro: a hat.

“First it fell on the street and then it fell on these leaves under the arm of this sculpture kkkkk I went to get it, but Gui was afraid of me getting in the way (even more) and he took it for me”, said Maisa, referring to advisor Guilherme.

“All clumsy, this is so me,” commented a follower in the publication. “Very much. Riding a bike in the street then? Poor people,” joked Maisa.

Accompanied by Guilherme and her parents, Gislaine and Celso, Maisa visited several famous places in Paris.

And she also told about the less luxurious side of the place: “Here there are pigeons so big they look like flying turkeys. I swear, I’m terrified! It’s every bad step I take.”