‘In the Times of the Emperor’: Luísa will say she will stay in Brazil because of D. Pedro II | come around

At the wednesday chapter, 8/25, the countess will explain to Pedro that she decided to stay in Brazil because of him.

Review the scene of the first kiss between Pedro and Luísa:

Pedro declares himself to Luisa

Pedro declares himself to Luisa

Review the scene in which Eugenio suspects he is being betrayed:

Eugênio asks if Luísa is in love with someone else

Eugênio asks if Luísa is in love with someone else

Review the scene in Pedro asks Luísa to stay in Brazil:

Pedro begs Luísa to stay in Brazil

Pedro begs Luísa to stay in Brazil

Opposing her husband, Luísa give up of the trip to France. The Emperor cannot contain the happiness when he sees that his beloved will not go away, and asks the question that he does not want to be silent.

“Why did you decide to stay? Because of me?”, asks Pedro.

Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello) asks why Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) stayed in Brazil in ‘Nos Tempos do Imperador’ — Photo: Globo

The Countess does not run away and shoots with the utmost sincerity:

“It was, it was because of you, yes”, confirms Luísa.

Review excerpts from the Tuesday, 8/24 chapter:

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25 august


Thereza suffers from Luisa’s decision, and Celestina tries to comfort the empress. Nélio asks Eudoro for help in finding Tonico. Pedro celebrates Luísa’s stay in Brazil. Quinzinho buys a property without knowing he is doing a bad deal. Pilar confronts Mother Zoé to take care of a boy. Eudoro scolds Dolores for trying to write to Pilar. Lota and Batista negotiate the purchase of Minervina with Borges. Luísa tells Justina about Thereza’s rancor. Eudoro and Nélio arrive at the barn where Tonico is imprisoned.

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