Influencer Camila Loures is detonated by ‘poorly done’ publi | celebrities

Camila Loures is detonated by ad

Camila Loures is detonated by ad

The influencer Camila de Loures became one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter this Tuesday (24) because of an advertising video, the famous “publi”.

Netizens pointed out Camila’s unwillingness to make an advertising video for a famous hair cosmetics brand.

“The woman with mega hair, chemical cut and hair all messed up in the salon line, wants a client or a hater?”, asked a netizen. “Without wanting to put hate on Camila Loures, but whoever has mega hair completely loses the credibility of advertising products for hair growth”, analyzed another.

Influencer Jude Paulla recalled that she received a no from the brand for “not taking over the curls”. In the video, Camila Loures appears with straight hair and apparently lace. “The worst thing about this post about Camila Loures and the brand is that I once said that I really wanted to join the SL team and I heard from the brand that I didn’t assume my curls 100% (I already wore curly hair and sometimes I brushed it). next year several lace-influencing mines on the team!” said Jude Paulla.

Camila has not officially commented on the matter, but posted a hint on her Twitter profile. “The joy of some is the sadness of others,” wrote the influencer.

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