Influencer leaks message requests from Bruno Henrique and Dudu

The influencer Ana Bruna Avila showed today that she received alleged requests for old contacts on Instagram from forwards Bruno Henrique, from Flamengo, and Dudu, from Palmeiras. The messages “leaked” in an image that the blogger shared this afternoon on her social network.

In the print, it is possible to see old messages sent by the athletes. Dudu wrote “Gataa” in a message 63 weeks ago, while Bruno Henrique sent an eye emoji 59 weeks ago.

Ana Bruna Avila published the image with the main contact requests on Instagram at the request of her followers. She had shared a question box saying she would show “everything” that was on her cell phone.

She then reposted the stories and, without naming names, said she did not reply to any messages sent.

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Influencer Ana Bruna Avila shared an image of contact requests on Instagram

Image: Reproduction

Dudu broke up in early 2020, after more than a decade of relationship with Mallu Ohana. Bruno Henrique, of the Fla, has been married since 2015 with Giselle Bouquet.

Wanted by UOL, Dudu’s staff said the player does not talk about his personal life. Bruno Henrique’s advisors, on the other hand, informed that the athlete preferred not to comment.