Instagram announces the end of ‘drag up’ in stories

O Instagram announced that users will no longer have access to the famous “drag up” tool, which allowed them to access links by moving their finger in stories. The function will be replaced by the “link stickers” from August 30th.

The new tool will remain available only to those who have more than 10,000 followers and a verified account. However, in a note sent to CNN, Instagram said it is “assessing whether access to the link will be expanded to more accounts in the future, taking into account aspects such as integrity and security and how this could impact the spread of misinformation and spam.”

“This transition between the ‘swipe up’ link and the sticker will help us determine if it’s the right decision before expanding access to more people,” said the social network.

The company also said that stickers, such as those for music and polls, are already “an essential part of the story-making experience”. So, the goal with the change is to facilitate the sharing of links from them.

According to Instagram, it will be possible for people to switch between different styles of stickers. The user can also resize them and place them anywhere in the stories that will be published.

Another change is that the sticker will allow users to receive reactions and responses to stories. Currently, the account that publishes a story with the “drag up” cannot receive responses.

*Under the supervision of Thamara Kaoru