Itapemirim Airline Returns to Employee Complaints for Late Payments – Economy

After being the target, two weeks ago, of complaints from employees who did not receive it on time, the airline ITA, from the Itapemirim group, has now been questioned by the National Union of Aeronauts (SNA) about the delay in the payment of severance pay for workers who resigned. According to the organization, these payments, which should take place within ten days, were taking between 20 and 40 days to be made.

Also according to the union, the former employees of the company began to receive this Tuesday, 24th – one day after notification from the entity. According to the president of the SNA, commander Ondine Dutra, vacations and proportional thirteenth salary had not been deposited within the legal term. In a statement, ITA informed that “all amounts related to employment contracts terminated by the company are paid, complying with all deadlines imposed by current legislation”.

Earlier this month, the union had already called a meeting with airline employees to discuss a series of grievances among the crew.. Delays in the payment of salary and benefits, in addition to the lack of internal communication, were among the complaints.

At the time, ITA stated that a technical problem had occurred when the company tried to centralize payments in a single bank. This would only have delayed payment for July. O state, however, had access to documents that prove delays in other months.

Created by the road transport group Itapemirim, ITA began flying in July, four months behind schedule. According to the company, the Covid-19 delayed the sending of aircraft that were abroad to the Brazil.

Although the Itapemirim group is under judicial reorganization, ITA is not part of the process. The creation and operation of the airline, however, has already consumed R$ 42.5 million from the group, according to a document published by the company that follows the judicial reorganization process, the EXM Partners.