Janssen indicates vaccine booster dose efficacy against COVID – International

(photo: Frederic J. BROWN / AFP)
(photo: Frederic J. BROWN / AFP)

A second dose of the Janssen vaccine – the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) – against the coronavirus generated a strong immune response in a study conducted by the company, as shown by preliminary results released this Wednesday (25/8). The finding could justify giving a new injection eight months or more after the first, the company said. Tests indicated that the booster dose induced neutralizing antibodies at a level up to nine times what was seen 28 days after the first injection. The “significant” increase was recorded in participants between 18 and 55 years and people 65 and older who received a lower dosage.

Janssen’s head of research and development, Mathai Mammen, points out that research has suggested that a single dose of the immunizer generates a robust immune response that lasts for up to eight months. “With these new data, we also see that a booster dose of Johnson & Johnson’s covid-19 vaccine further increases antibody responses among study participants who had previously received our vaccine,” he explains.

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