Jessica Ellen gives a sharp answer to Aguinaldo Silva after sniping him to Beyoncé, and makes a precise speech: “Let’s talk about Brazil?”

This Tuesday (23), Aguinaldo Silva needled Beyoncé after the pop diva’s participation in a luxury advertising campaign, claiming that she would be part of a “white elite” and oppressive. Jessica Ellen, in turn, gave a sharp response to the comments. The actress questioned the author’s arguments and recalled the lack of black representation in soap operas.

The story began with Beyoncé’s campaign for Tiffany & Co. In the stunning essay, the star used the extremely rare and famous 128.54-carat Tiffany yellow diamond, discovered in 1877 and valued at US$30 million (somewhere around R$ 157 million). The star became the first black woman to wear the piece, being the fourth person in history to wear it.

On Twitter, Aguinaldo expressed his opinion on the matter, regretting the feat. “’Beyoncé becomes the fourth person in history and the first black woman to wear the Tiffany Diamond’: yes, but for me, social justice only when any woman, regardless of race, age, religion or fame can wear it. Will it ever happen? What do you think?”, he started.

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“Joelly is 37 years old, black, day laborer, mother of three and no father to help raise them. Here I wonder what goes through her mind when she reads news like this about Beyoncé’s millionaire necklace. Guys, let’s get real a little, okay?”, wrote the playwright. Shortly thereafter, Aguinaldo agreed with a follower who claimed that Beyoncé is part of the oppressive elite. “That’s right. From the white elite”, he nodded.

The lines had a lot of impact on social media. This Tuesday (24), Jessica Ellen came across Aguinaldo’s speech on the profile of Mundo Negro website on Instagram. “Don’t hold me, no! Don’t mess with my queen Bey, no!”, wrote the actress, laughing at Silva’s lines. Still in the publication’s comments, the artist gave a sharp response, demanding the writer to bring what she says she defends to her novels.

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“Agnaldo, let’s talk about Brazil? When in your soap operas did your protagonists have skin like mine? When in your soap operas was Brazilian black culture approached to help the black population’s self-esteem? When I look at the image of the powerful and millionaire Beyoncé, I think of the power that we black people are and how much she inspires thousands of black people around the world.”, said Jessica.

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Jessica Ellen, who shone in “Amor de Mãe”, lamented the lack of black protagonism in soap operas – such as those by Aguinaldo. (Photo: Globo/João Cotta)

Camila’s interpreter in “Amor de Mãe” also lamented the lack of black women in prominent roles on TV. “In the middle of 2021, the list of black protagonists on Brazilian TV doesn’t even reach 5 names… And it’s not for lack of talent, but for opportunities”, she wrote.

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Jessica concluded: “Brazil’s problem is not that Beyoncé is a millionaire, it’s the white elite that bothers with our autonomy and social ascension. The problem is that we are STILL seen ONLY as descendants of the enslaved and not REAL POWERS! The problem is to have a country with more than 50% of the population black and this is not even represented in movies and soap operas…”. Check out the comment:

Aguinaldo Silva did not comment again on the matter.