Jessica Ellen pins Aguinaldo Silva after criticizing Beyoncé

Jessica Ellen, actress in Amor de Mãe, was irritated by Aguinaldo Silva’s comment about Beyoncé, after the American singer made an advertising action for the jewelry brand Tiffany. The item used by the artist is rare, 128.54 carats, and caused a great impact on social networks. “For me, social justice is only when any woman, regardless of race, age, religion or fame, can use it. Will it ever happen? What do you think?” said Silva.

In response, on her personal Instagram, Ellen countered: “Aguinaldo, let’s talk about Brazil? When, in your novels, did your protagonists have skin like mine? When, in your soap operas, was Brazilian black culture approached to help the black population’s self-esteem? When I look at the image of the powerful and millionaire Beyoncé, I think of the power that we black people are and how much she inspires thousands of black people all over the world”, he vented.

In addition, like other network users, the actress reinforced the lack of black protagonists in Brazilian entertainment and how actions like this impact this vision. “It’s not for lack of talent, but opportunities. The problem in Brazil is not that Beyoncé is a millionaire, it’s the white elite that bothers with our autonomy and social ascension”, he countered.

Several netizens interacted with his tweet in a negative way, raised the hashtag AguinaldoCadeOProtagonismoNegro and accused him of having portrayed the singer’s achievement as an “excess of mi mi mi”. For many, the brand’s action had a direct correlation to the struggle for social justice and served as an inspiration to thousands of women.