José de Abreu goes to court after inestimable financial loss

José de Abreu
José de Abreu goes to court after losing his retirement money (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

José de Abreu started working as an actor in 1967, has been away from TV since 2019, when he acted in A Dona do Pedaço and has retired since 2011, since he is old enough. However, what should have been stability for him ended up becoming a legal problem.

According to Ancelmo Góis, from the newspaper O Globo, the actor is trying to regularize his situation in the INSS, as his pension underwent a change at the end of 2019.

The veteran claimed, in a Federal Court action, that the bank changed without any notice the branch of the deposit account, from Rio de Janeiro to another in Nova Iguaçu.

Even opening an administrative proceeding, Abreu was not paid until March 2021. In May, the famous man filed a claim to reimburse all the amounts he had not received since November 2019, including the 13th salary installments.

The law firm representing the artist contextualized the impasse of its client: “After the actor’s insistence, both at the bank and at the INSS, an INSS server informed him that if he wanted to receive, he might as well go to court. It is noteworthy that the actor sought the INSS and, simultaneously, the bank several times to address the issue”.

Changing the subject, another fight that José de Abreu ended up getting involved in was a virtual one, against Eduardo Bolsonaro and Sérgio Reis. The politician found himself chased by the STF, already predicting a possible “unreasonable arrest”, but the actor provoked: “your c*”.

Sérgio Reis, who polemicized by orchestrating an action to overthrow the same agency, also received a message, after being the target of a Federal Police operation: “[A] PF triggered Operation Pau Fake. Alexandre Frota was seen entering under the bed”.

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