Juju Salimeni reveals satisfaction with her current body: “A thousand times more beautiful today than 10 years ago”

The fitness muse also commented on the aesthetic procedures she performed

By: Maria Luise Brey | August 25th – 12:11 pm

Juju Salimeni talked to his followers and talked a little more about his life in Instagram sotories, this Tuesday (24). Internet users asked about his limitation and the procedures he performed on the body.

The fitness muse answered how many eggs she was eating per day: “Currently, I’m eating an average of 20 a day. I make protein muffins in the morning, scrambled eggs, omelettes, boiled… I never felt sick, I love eggs”, he said, still answering.

Another internet user questioned the number of cosmetic procedures she had performed on her face, and the influencer replied: “I can’t understand what a big change this is that some people see. The only thing I did on my face was botox, padding on the cheek and dark circles (which, by the way, is gone because it doesn’t last for anything). The only change was in the hair! I was blonde and now I’m a brunette with bangs! People cannot identify what has changed! On top of that, the face changes over the years. The physiognomy of a girl becomes a woman! And I think I’m a thousand times more beautiful today than 10 years ago! And I shit for those who don’t think so”, he explained.

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