Juliana Bonde reports kidnapping and robbery after months out of the net

Juliana Caetano, known on social networks as Juliana Bonde, returned to Instagram after two months without any posts to report that she has been living in fear after being the victim of a lightning kidnapping in her own house:

“Two in the morning on Saturday night my father came down screaming, saying my mother was feeling sick. He started kicking the door, it scared me. When I went downstairs and opened the door, a man already pulled my hair, put one on. gun on my back and told us to go in,” says the model, crying.

“They deposited a lot of money from my account, they also took all the money I had at home. I don’t know what nonsense in my head, innocence, I left almost all my money at home in a safe. They took everything, they took my work equipment, my cameras. But that’s the least of it. What was worse is the trauma, seeing my father’s sadness,” he adds.

Juliana says she has already filed a police report, but she doesn’t feel safe. She suspects that someone close to her is behind the crime: “Someone really close to home, because he knew everything. He knew where the money was, he knew where my father and mother were sleeping.”

She had already moved before after receiving death threats, and now she is thinking about leaving the country: “I love living here so much, but I don’t know if it’s worth risking my life, my family.”

The bandits who arrived at my house said that they ‘came’ to kill me, that they asked me to take my life. Thank God the worst didn’t happen. And I don’t know… I just want help, I want help, I want to go back to living normal.