Justice of Rio de Janeiro rejects accusations of Nego do Borel against Duda Reis – Famous

Duda Reis and Nego do Borel (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro rejected the singer’s accusations Borel against the ex-fiancée, Dudley kings. The decision was taken this week, according to a UOL publication.

The artist had filed a criminal complaint for defamation, slander and libel, which was denied by the judge due to the delay in making the complaint. Under the law, he had six months to file a complaint.

In the records, it appears that Dudley kings published the videos in which he accuses his ex of crimes such as physical and psychological aggression on January 12, 2021. Negative from Borel he filed the complaint on July 12, when the deadline would have expired.

the lawyer of Borel argues that the videos were posted on January 13, and that he can still appeal the judge’s decision. “There is a discrepancy in the date of posting the video which contains the accusations that we reported in the process. The decision is still subject to appeal,” she told the UOL.

The influencer posted the videos on two days, January 12th and 13th. In the first, she said that she would seek protective measures against the funkeiro. “I need it, I fear for my life, I do fear for my safety. I know how the person is,” he explained.

On the 13th, she accused her ex-fiancé of attacking: “I was beaten, and then I received love. Then I was afraid. I spent three years thinking that love was you being beaten, and then receiving a kiss.”

Duda Reis celebrated the decision on Twitter this Monday night (23). “It’s not just about me, about all the attempts at silencing women go through by denouncing,” she wrote.

report of UOL, the lawyer of Duda Reis stated:

“Izabella Borges, lawyer for Duda Reis, explains that the criminal complaint filed by Leno [Nego do Borel], in which he accuses Duda of having committed crimes against his honor for having spoken out on his social networks about the facts he denounced to police authorities, was entirely rejected by Justice.

This response from the State, rejecting Leno’s accusations against Duda, is a victory not only for us, but for all women who suffer domestic violence and are afraid to speak out and suffer reprisals from the aggressor.

Women have the right to speak about the violence they experienced and denounced and Justice must protect this freedom of women by rejecting any procedural instrument that seeks to silence her.”