Justice rejects Vasco’s request to suspend execution of R$ 93.5 million in labor debts | Vasco

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Vasco’s request to suspend the execution of R$ 93.5 million in Vasco’s labor debts was rejected in a decision handed down by Theocrito Borges dos Santos Filho, deputy regional judge of the Regional Labor Court of the 1st Region (TRT-1) .

+Justice determines execution of BRL 93.5 million in Vasco’s labor debts

The execution to collect Vasco’s debts in the amount of R$ 93.5 million was carried out through the creation of the Special Regime for Forced Execution (REEF). This was the result of the exclusion of Vasco do Ato Trabalhista, which allowed the club the Special Work Payment Plan (PEPT).

One day after the suffered execution, Vasco reacted with a note talking about closing the activities:

“The surprising decision of the managing judge of CAEX, Dr. Fernando Reis de Abreu, completely makes the operation of Vasco and the fulfillment of its most basic obligations unfeasible, in addition to imposing the liquidation of the club’s operating assets. absolutely hasty way, it intends to decree the closure of the activities of a club that has the 5th largest fan base in the country and that has all the necessary conditions to reverse the current state of economic and financial crisis, as it has been demonstrating in this fiscal year.”

The fact is that, for now, the charge of R$ 93.5 million is still valid. As a result, various sources of Vasco’s revenue continue to be blocked, such as R$ 24 million related to Grupo Globo’s broadcasting rights, TV Record’s broadcasting rights, credits on awards and classifications in CBF tournaments and 30% of the revenue about the fan partner program, Bitcoin Market, Kappa, Konami, VascoTV, Banco BMG, Tim, Havan and Ambev.

Salgado and Bird talk at Vasco’s CT — Photo: Rafael Ribeiro/Vasco