Ka, Onix and Sandero are the most popular cars stolen in 2021

The best-selling hatches in the Brazilian market in 2020 are, this year, the most targeted by criminals circulating in the capital of São Paulo. A survey done by the tracking company Carsystem brings the most stolen cars during the first half of 2021 in the city of São Paulo. The list, consisting of compact hatches, shows the 5 popular cars that had the most records of calls in that period.

According to the index, the occurrence of robberies and thefts increased by 15% in the period compared to last year, with 1,600 calls. That’s because there was a significant increase in the movement of people after the most restrictive phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the ranking, in first place, is the Ford Ka, a model that, curiously, went out of line right after the turn of the year. Then the Chevrolet Onix, sales champion of recent years in Brazil, occupies the second position. In third, appears the Renault Sandero, followed by Volkswagen Goal and Hyundai HB20, with fourth and fifth places, respectively.

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most stolen onyx

But that’s not all. The theft rate, when criminals take their car from the location without using violence, shows a great similarity to the list of the most stolen. However, the Onyx is the favorite of the bad guys, followed by ka, Goal, Voyage, Sandero and HB20.

The study also records a 5% increase in car theft in the city. In addition, it shows that there was a 10% growth in the actions of cargo thieves. That is, utility thefts such as VUCs (urban cargo vehicles), minivans and vans increased with the increase in the demand for deliveries through logistics or e-commerce.

Zones and times with the highest occurrence

As well as vehicles, the ranking reveals the times and places with the highest occurrences of theft and robbery. According to the system, the period of greatest incidence is from 7 pm to 10 pm.

As for the location, the East zone from the city of São Paulo is responsible for 37% of the calls, with 339 requests. Then comes the South Zone, which occupies 26%, with 242 calls. Then comes the West Zone, with 179 occurrences and 20% of the total, the North Zone, with 97 calls and 11%. And finally, the city ​​center, which registers 7% with 60 records.

Tracker/Fecap 2021 Survey

Another recent survey that points out the most desired models by the bandits was made by Tracker group, tracking specialist, together with the Álvares Penteado School of Commerce Foundation (Fecap). However, in this research, the data are broader and correspond to the State of São Paulo.