Kamala Harris’ trip to Vietnam delayed due to ‘health incident’ in Hanoi | World

US Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Vietnam was delayed on Tuesday after an unexplained health incident in Hanoi, the US embassy in the Southeast Asian nation’s capital said in a statement.

Kamala, who was in Singapore completing a three-day trip, was due to fly to Hanoi on Tuesday, but the flight was unexpectedly delayed for three hours due to an “anomalous health incident”.

“Abnormal health incident” is the term the US government uses to describe Havana Syndrome, a condition that causes symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, migraines and memory lapses, so named because it was first reported by officials of the US Embassy in Cuba in 2016.

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VIDEO: Kamala Harris tells immigrants: "don't come"

VIDEO: Kamala Harris Tells Immigrants “Don’t Come”

“The Vice President’s office has taken note of the report of a possible recent anomalous health incident in Hanoi, Vietnam,” the US Embassy statement said.

“After careful evaluation, it was decided to continue the vice president’s trip,” the statement said, without giving further details.

A spokesperson for the vice president declined to comment on the reason for the delay.

Approximately 100 CIA officers and family members are among about 200 US employees and relatives ailing from “Havana Syndrome,” according to CIA Director William Burns.

A panel at the US National Academy of Sciences in December found that one plausible theory is that beams of “directed energy” caused the syndrome, he said.

See below for a 2019 report on the “Havana Syndrome”.

Study from 2 universities says there was no sonic attack on US embassy in Cuba

Study from 2 universities says there was no sonic attack on US embassy in Cuba

There is a “very strong possibility” that the syndrome is intentionally caused and that Russia may be responsible, he said, adding that he is withholding firm conclusions pending further investigation.

Moscow denies involvement.

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