Kanye West goes to court to change his name and assume another identity, says website; know what the rapper wants to call himself!

We’d better say goodbye to Kanye West’s name… because the star may be about to take on a new identity! This Tuesday (24), TMZ revealed that the rapper appealed to the US Court to change his name.

According to the publication, Kanye sent documents to the Court asking them to register his new name. Instead of his full name – Kanye Omari West – the musician wants to be officially called Ye. The nomenclature is nothing more than the nickname by which the artist has been called for years. However, it seems that the rapper wants to give up even his last names and keep a much simpler name in official records. Take a look:

Kanye West Name
In the document obtained by TMZ, the rapper wants to stop being Kanye Omari West to be just – and officially – Ye. (Photo: Reproduction/TMZ)
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It is not yet known how the review of this process will be. However, the website said that in California, unless there is evidence that the name change was made for illicit reasons, such as scams and other fraud, the judge is likely to accept the change. So if so, Kanye West never again. From then on, it will simply be: Ye.

It may seem curious that Kanye will even say goodbye to West. Over the years, he has called himself Mr. West (or Mr. West) in many circumstances, even in his music. In addition, the artist does not hide his pride in his family roots and heritage – something that is very present in his next album, “Donda”. Even his ex, Kim Kardashian, insisted on keeping West, despite the fact that they filed for divorce.

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In any case, the name Ye should pursue a solo career, completely independent. Then he will be able to sing that song with full propriety: “I’m sorry, the old Kanye can’t answer the phone now. Why? Oh, because he’s dead.” Have you thought?