Kanye West goes to court to request a change of name, says website

the american rapper Kanye West he filed a request in court to change his Christian name, Kanye Omari West, to just “Ye.” The information is from the TMZ website.

Kanye has used the nickname for many years and even released an album of the same name in 2018, and another five years earlier with a pun on the nickname with the name of Jesus, called Yeezus.

According to the publication, the request made by Kanye was made in Los Angeles, California, and it seems that all it takes is for a judge to authorize the change, which is now officially valid.

According to TMZ, unless there is evidence that a name change has some connection with possible fraud, this type of request is usually granted. That is, very soon, perhaps, Kanye West will officially become just Ye.

While the rapper goes to court to request a name change, his fans are still awaiting the release of his next album, “Donda”, which has already had several projected release dates, but so far has not seen the light of the sun.

The latest date released by the singer to release his tenth studio album is Friday (27). Let’s wait and see which comes out first, “Donda” or Kanye’s new name Ye.

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