Key week at Vasco starts with movement in the cast and backstage – 08/24/2021

The week that appeared on Vasco’s horizon as essential for the reaction in the midst of the serious crisis that plagues the club has arrived. And with her, the club has already made important moves both with the cast and behind the scenes. In the modest 11th place in the B Series of the Brazilian Championship, the expectation is that the next few days can make the work of coach Lisca gain body together with the group, so that the team engages in the competition.

Since the arrival of the coach in São Januário, just over a month ago, this is the first week in which there are no commitments, which is seen as important so that some methods can be applied or reinforced. The executive director Alexandre Bird and Lisca himself had already indicated this in previous opportunities, when asked about the results below what was expected.

In addition, the top management is in the market looking for new names, a request reinforced by the Cruz-Maltino commander, especially after the defeat by the Operário, last weekend. The actions in the cast, in fact, have already started. Midfielders MT and Juninho, starting today (24), will return to the sub-20. According to the UOL Sport found out, the measure, initially, is temporary, but, officially, the club did not inform deadlines.

In recent weeks, with the crowd boiling, they and other names in the cast have come under fire. At the same time, the under-20 is not doing well at the Brazilian Nationals in the category.

Lisca, on the other hand, has already given some indications that he evaluates Vasco’s cast as “too young” to dispute a Series B, a competition that he believes that experience is a robust element. In fact, a large part of the group is made up of players promoted from the base. Of the 42 that appear on the official website, 29 are part of this scenario — without defensive midfielder Romulo, who is on his second trip to Colina.

At this juncture, 17 were used in this edition of the second national division. It is worth remembering that Marcelo Cabo, the coach who started the season ahead of Vasco, used 21 players from the base and the “work with young people” was seen as a positive point by the top.

Lisca, Vasco coach - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF
Image: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

“We’re going to take action on the issue of the group and things that I’ve detected in the internal environment, reinforce my work. Now, we’re very upset. I’ll talk to Bird and the president starting tomorrow to reinforce the group. Maybe some players aren’t here. prepared for the mission. We have a youth group and we don’t do a job like that only with young people. Only Vasco gives opportunities to boys who may not be prepared. said Lisca, last Saturday.

Last Friday, when asked about the use of young people, Bird said that there is no obligation for the technician to use the “kids” and assured that the numbers only indicate a path.

“He doesn’t have to cast anyone, it’s a macro issue for casting. What we have to do is take the average age of our team. In the latter, the average age was 26.9. Remembering that we had Lucão, and he has a difference of 15 years to Vanderlei. There was Ricardo and not Castan. Normally our average age is between 28 and 29 years of our team”, he pointed out.

“If we take the teams that are at the front, the average is this. We talk about base boys, but Ricardo is 24, and Andrey is 23. He’s been two years old. [Lisca] I wanted to take Caio Lopes and Bruno Gomes. Caio Lopes and Bruno, who are still young, in that assessment, would play in Ceará even younger. If we take Juninho, Bruno Gomes, Miranda, Graça and Lucão they would start in many teams of Serie A and Serie B. This number is controlled, but it doesn’t guarantee anything, it just points out ways,” he added.


Vasco, in turn, had good news behind the scenes. The Labor Court recognized the club’s right to centralize the execution of labor debts. Despite this, the board is still trying to suspend the Special Regime for Forced Execution (REEF), which determined the payment of R$ 93.5 million in debts with former employees.