Larissa Manoela reports troubles and does not rule out an international career

Vitor Moreno, from SP – Larissa Manoela, 20, has never taken an exchange program. For this reason, the film “Diários de Intercâmbio”, which premiered on the 18th on Netflix, was a new experience for the actress. “I started working early, so I started amending projects and I didn’t have that time for an exchange program,” she says in an interview with Folha de S.Paulo. “But I think I would love to have that kind of experience!”

In the production, she plays the clumsy Barbara, a girl who dreams of seeing the world, but cannot leave the airport, where she works. Until she comes up with the idea of ​​going to the United States as an au pair (a type of exchange for girls who work as a nanny while studying) and, as a bonus, drags her anti-imperialist friend Taila, played by Thati Lopes.

Despite not having lived through some of the situations the character goes through (“it was really fun to live this in Barbara’s skin”), she says that visiting other countries always broadens her horizons. “I have a house in Florida and I love being there,” he recalls.


“It’s not the same experience, but it’s very interesting to observe and experience another culture”, he says. “It enriches us and gives us a broader look at many issues.”

Outside the country, she ends up being able to do things that she can’t always do here: “I love living the local life, walking down the street…”. Even when there are some setbacks, they are not enough to take away your good mood. “It’s those troubles that we laugh and take it easy, like getting lost in a place and not finding a meeting place at all,” he says.

Speaking of which, the filming abroad – part of the film was shot in New York – did not scare the actress, who says the process was not very different from the features she made on Brazilian soil. “We had part of the team from here and another from there”, he says. “People were very receptive.”

She says she doesn’t keep thinking about the success of the previous film she released on the platform, “Airplane Mode” (2020), which was the most watched non-English-language film on Netflix, so as not to add extra responsibility or generate comparisons. “I don’t have that weight! Same!”

“What I want is to always deliver a good job. This is my concern”, he says. “It was like that with ‘Airplane Mode’ and ‘Exchange Diaries’. And I’m really happy with the repercussion of ‘Diaries’. It was a film that I loved making and it had a very amazing result.”

With the success of a platform that takes her work to more than 190 countries, it would not be surprising if she decided to bet on an international career. Was that one of your wishes? “I don’t rule it out if an opportunity arises,” he says. “[Mas] I have a lot of work already booked here. I’m very focused on these projects I have to do!”

The actress also praised her co-stars. With Bruno Montaleone, 25, she exchanges kisses in the movie. “We got to know each other in the first readings and preparation”, he recalls. “The involvement of the characters has a whole context, a construction… Our scenes were very calm!”

Thati Lopes, 31, who lives her best friend, amused her on and off the scene. “We had a rapport right away! And that, of course, you can see in the movie. We laughed a lot together.”

The statement is corroborated by her colleague, who qualifies the relationship between the two as “a meeting of souls” and declares that Larissa is “generous, talented and very friendly”. “I admire her even more as a professional and the woman she is becoming”, she says. “I already want a next [trabalho juntas].”

Lopes says that he didn’t have the experience of doing exchange programs in real life either. “It never crossed my mind, because it was always very out of my reality when I was young”, he laments. “I believe that even the perrengues are part of this process, where together you review values, create a sense of responsibility, improve or learn a new language and friendships that you build.”

However, she also had some experiences abroad and, like the characters in the movie, paid some pains. “My life is traveling and having trouble with the language”, he says. “I’ve traveled alone and lost my passport inside the airport. I explained myself in a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, English and a new language that I created at the time, all together with a horrible mimicry.”

The actress says that recording abroad was one of the best experiences in her life. However, he likes to diversify his work and intends to split between streaming and broadcast TV productions, in addition to theatre. “I’ll stay in this looping”, he jokes.

She compares the type of non-sense humor in the videos by the Porta dos Fundos group, which she has been part of since 2015 and for which she became famous throughout the country, with the situation comedy in the film. “I think Porta is more restrained than Taila”, he says. “And as an actress, everything is smooth. Just understand the record that the work asks us to do!”