Latino gets rocked after talking about autism | Fabia Oliveira


Posted 24/08/2021 15:34 | Updated 08/24/2021 4:07 PM

The Latino singer was the target of much criticism after an excerpt from a recent interview fell on social media this Tuesday (24). The interpreter of ‘Festa no Apê’, ‘Leave Me’, ‘Renata Ingrata’, among other hits, classified an autistic person as a person ‘who closes himself off in the world and doesn’t want to listen to anyone’ during an interview. In a conversation with Rogério Vilela on the program ‘Cortes da Inteligência Ltda’, Latino said that the artist has four phases and one of them, he called the ‘autistic phase’.

“The artist has four phases and I say that to everyone. The first phase is humility, where the guy talks to everyone and the friendliest in the world. Then comes the second phase, which is euphoria. The artist enters into euphoria and he wants to be everywhere, he’s the guy, he wants to get attention, he wants to have the best car and everyone wants to flatter this guy. After that, he enters the autism phase. Autism is what many politicians have that don’t he wants to hear no one. He closes himself off in his world and doesn’t want to hear anyone, he doesn’t listen to a manager, he doesn’t listen to a record company and he’s autistic.

Many parents and some members of autism organizations criticized the singer. “Every day we come across speeches like these, from artists, from politicians, from people who appropriate the term “autism/autistic” to make me***. It’s a relentless fight against capacitation and prejudice. give up!!!”, said one of those responsible for the profile ‘Autism on tiptoe’.

Latino sent a note to the column apologizing. “The Latino singer apologizes to everyone who may have been offended by the speech, which we emphasize was not intentional! “I respect all kinds of people, beliefs, peoples, etc. I don’t have any kind of prejudice!!! And here I leave my apology for an “ignorant” speech (in the sense of information) on my part! Affirming and emphasizing that I did not intend to offend or belittle anyone!”