Latino riots for talk about autism and gets rocked on the internet – Entertainment

Latino was criticized on Tuesday (24) after making a comment in which he compares the “artist phases” with “autism”. His statement was given during an interview with Rogério Vilela, on the podcast Courts of Intelligence Ltd, two weeks ago.

The speech of the famous, however, provoked revolt among parents and members of social organizations. Wanted by the report of R7, the singer’s press office did not manifest itself until the publication of this note. The space remains open.

“The artist has four phases and I say that to everyone. The first phase is humility, where the guy talks to everyone and the friendliest in the world. Then comes the second phase, which is euphoria. The artist enters into euphoria and want to be everywhere […] After that, he enters the autism stage. Autism is what many politicians have that don’t want to hear from anyone. He shuts himself up in his world and doesn’t want to listen to anyone, he doesn’t listen to a manager, he doesn’t listen to a record company and he’s autistic. The fourth phase is the artist’s saddest phase, which is when he becomes real”, says the singer, during the conversation.

The page Autism on tiptoe, which is run by Elianar, the mother of a 5-year-old diagnosed with autism, criticized the singer’s comment. “I don’t know if what I felt was anger, disgust, anger or sadness. So you, Latino. I liked you, man! And if you can’t see anything else in the Latino’s speech, it’s because you’re as much of a capacitance as he is,” began Elianar.

And he added: “Every day we come across speeches like these, from artists, from politicians, from people who appropriate the term ‘autism/autistic’ to make mer**. It is a relentless struggle against capacitation and prejudice. But let’s not give up. I would like everyone to go there on the Latino’s official page direct, not to offend him, nor disrespect him, nor to cancel him. But to tell him that he can use other terms to make his analogy “.