Like this? Anitta earned R$ 7 million with a video in which she appears tattooing her anus, says ex-BBB

In an interview, he says that she made a lot of money after publishing a video in which it was necessary to pay to watch

the ex-BBB Wagner Santiago revealed that the singer Anitta he earned big money with the video he recorded tattooing his private parts. The singer’s publication rocked and became a topic at the time.

According to him, the video published on the OnlyFans platform earned R$ 7 million for the singer.

“In my case, I charge 15 dollars a month for those who are registered. But I want to reduce the exposure more and more and leave only the sensual part. Anitta won R$ 7 million with the video of the tattoo on her anus”, he told the 4talkcast, hosted by Victor Sarro and Cintia Chagas.

Will be?

A week ago, he saw the number of subscribers on the platform skyrocket after a video leaked in which he received a Greek kiss, a practice that is still taboo.

“Almost doubled overnight. I did this live 20 days ago in celebration of the first month. People were supposed to renew the subscription. Normal. And during the week it was normal. It happened, without any stress. But when I wake up Sunday morning, all that was said about it. I was a bit pissed off, I didn’t understand that“, he said.

For him, moralism explains why the publication generated so much repercussion. “This moralism is tending to increase a lot. We’re in ass country”, he stated that he recognized that men are his target audience.

“The majority [dos assinantes que pagam pelo conteúdo] they are men, but then came many women and many couples who practice, but are hidden there“, he clarified.