Lisa Barcelos falls into a house rent scam and cries: ‘I lost almost R$ 10 thousand’

the youtuber Lisa Barcelos, 18, was the victim of a scam while trying to rent a house through a rental app. She told in her stories, on Instagram, this Tuesday (24), how thieves pretended to be real estate agents and demanded money to guarantee the lease.

“Today I was going to see a house because I’m about to move. I’ve been looking for a house for a long time. I need to move more to the center of Rio. For those who don’t know, I live in Baixada Fluminense, in Queimados. everything i do is over there [no Rio], my sister lives there, and I work with her. It would be much better, I would have my own studio”, tells youtuber.

She explains that after finding a home that she and her sister found, she talked to a girl for a few days, who gave her more information about the property.

“Yesterday she said that there were already two people ahead of us to visit the house, and that if we wanted to secure our place to visit, we would have to pay part of the rent on the house as insurance. We made a part of the rent. It happened. She scheduled the visit for today and even made a contract. This morning, she said that the owner had a doctor friend who wanted to live in the house and had already paid two months’ rent on the house, and he was ahead of us, and that if we wanted to get past him, we would have to pay one more security deposit for the owner to discard it,” Lisa explained.

She continues: “We made another pix, this one was almost R$ 10 thousand. On the way to the house, which was almost ours, she sent a video, an address… there was no way of suspecting it. I was talking to the real estate agency”.

Next, youtuber said that it received a message on WhatsApp announcing the scam: “We were on the way, and they sent a message: ‘I’m sorry, but you fell for a scam’, and they sent a message from a bunch of men in a jail. Nobody believed it, everyone was white-mouthed, paralyzed. We spoke with the administrator of the condominium, and they said that there was no house for rent there”, he said.

YouTuber also said that she spent this Tuesday afternoon at a police station to file a police report, but when it was her turn to be attended to, she was informed that the OR could only be done over the internet.

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