Lisca’s old desire, Walber wants Vasco, who insists with Athletico-PR and Cuiabá for release | Vasco

Although Cuiabá does not want to release due to having only four defenders in the professional squad, Vasco did not give up on hiring Walber and has reasons that weigh in his favor. The player wants to defend the Maltese Cross and it is Lisca’s old wish.

Therefore, the executive from Vasco Alexandre Bird is negotiating with Athletico-PR, holder of economic rights, and tries to convince the Mato Grosso team that São Januário is the most interesting path at the moment. The idea is to set everything up until the end of the week.

+Vasco tries to hire defender Walber, but Cuiabá doesn’t want to let him go; two other names are on the agenda
+Lisca asks for up to three signings, and Vasco’s direction guarantees effort to reinforce the cast

At a time of consolidation in football, Walber, aged 24, sees in a club the size of Vasco the possibility of a career leap. In addition, you want to have more minutiae in the field. The Brazilian Serie A is now in the penultimate round of the first round, and the Paraiba has not yet debuted.

Walber; Walber Cuiabá; defender Wálber — Photo: Publicity / Cuiabá

Last year, for example, he was Guarani’s absolute starter in Serie B. He only lost three matches by suspension and two more when an outbreak of Covid-19 hit 17 Bugre players. Walber, who has a contract with Athletico-PR until December 2023, is on loan to Cuiabá until next December.

The board and the coach of Cuiabá, Jorginho, do not want to release Walber, but Bird is betting on a good relationship with Cristiano Dresch, the Mato Grosso vice-president for soccer.

Lisca already wanted to work with Walber from América-MG, the club he directed before arriving in São Januário. Coelho’s interest in the athlete was confirmed by the coach in an interview given one day before the end of Serie B 2020.

+Outgoing? Lucas Crispim and Wálber enter the América-MG pre-list for the Serie A dispute

Lisca observed Walber during Serie B and, after Guarani’s 1-0 victory over América-MG, on January 2, 2021, informed the athlete’s staff that he would like to take him to Minas Gerais.

Last week, the coach has already talked to Walber by phone and reiterated his desire to coach him. With 1.86m and right-handed, the Paraiba from Rio Tinto has already acted as a midfielder.