Live Guarani game: Guarani vs. Operário on TV online today; see lineups and where to watch the Serie B game

The live football schedule of this Tuesday (24/08) brings the duel between the teams of Guarani and Railway Worker; which opens the 21st round of the Brasileirão Series B. In this way, the game takes place on the lawn of the Princess Golden Earring Stadium, in Campinas. Finally, the match kicks off at 7:00 pm (Brasilia time).

Live Football: Guarani vs. Operário no Brasileirão Serie B. Art: Divulgation / TN
Live Football: Guarani vs. Operário no Brasileirão Serie B. Art: Divulgation / TN

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Live Guarani game: Guarani hasn’t won for three games in a live football match

For starters, Bugre arrives in this round in free fall in the classification of the second division of Brazilian football. Thus, Guarani has not won for three rounds and is moving away from the G4 of the Brasileirão Serie B. In other words, the dream of access for the elite is getting more and more distant for the Guarani.

However, Bugrina’s hope lies in the good numbers of their attack: Guarani has the second best offensive performance; with 29 goals scored. Finally, coach Daniel Paulista will be able to count on the return of Bruno Silva; but he is sure of the embezzlement of Diego Mateus, injured in the last game.

Live Workman Game: Workman Keeping an Eye on G4

On the other hand, the Fantasma team arrives in this round expecting to fit among the G4 teams in the B Series of Brasileirão. In this way, the Operário Ferroviário comes in a sequence of five rounds undefeated in the competition.

In addition, the team from the west of Paraná achieved an important climb on the leaderboard. Thus, the Operário arrives in this 21st round occupying the sixth place in the Brasileirão Série B; just one point away from Avaí, the team that closes the G4.

Broadcast: where to watch Guarani vs Operário live and online

Thus, the exhibition of football live this Tuesday (24/08) with the duel between Guarani and the railway worker will be by SportTV and Premiere. Therefore; fans will be able to follow all live bids from their devices. That is, mobile devices; desktops and SmartTVs.

Factsheet: Guarani vs. Operário live and online

Phase/Tournament: 21st round – Brasileirão Série B
Date: 08/24/2021
Hour: 8:00 pm (Brasilia time)
Local: Independência Stadium, Belo Horizonte / MG
Arbitration: André Luiz de Freitas Castro / GO
Where to watch: SportTV and Premiere

Probable escalations

GUARANI: Rafael Martins, Diogo Matheus, Thales, Carlão and Bidu; Bruno Silva and Indio; Julio César, Andrigo and Allan Victor; and Bruno Savio.
Technician: Daniel Paulista

FACTORY WORKER: Simon; Alex Silva, Rodolfo Filemon, Reniê and Fabiano; Fábio Alemão, Leandro Vilela and Marcelo; Felipe Garcia, Paulo Sérgio and Djalma Silva.
Technician: Matheus Costa

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