Lojas Renner claims not to pay ransom for data after cyberattack – Economy

THE Renner Stores claimed not to have paid ransom of any kind for data after the cyber attack suffered by the company on Thursday, 19. In an update on the case released on Tuesday, 24, the retailer says it had no contact with the perpetrators of the attack, as well as no negotiations with those responsible.

The attack, which came with a ransom demand, crippled the company’s web sales for about 48 hours. The case served as a warning to the rest of the market, since, according to specialists, there is a notion that national businesses have not yet “awakened” enough to the seriousness of the data protection issue.

The retailer reiterated that its core databases remain preserved. In addition, it informed that all priority systems are already operating. According to the statement, the physical stores remained open and functioning throughout the time since the attack, with only a few processes being unavailable for a few hours on Thursday. The operation of e-commerce it was reinstated on the websites on Saturday morning, 21st, and on the apps, on Sunday, 22nd.

“The teams remain mobilized in accordance with the protection and recovery plan, with all its control and security protocols, and with an investigation, documentation and investigation into what happened”, informed Lojas Renner in the document released on Tuesday.

This is the company’s first update on the topic in Securities Commission (CVM) since Friday, when it released a statement saying its teams continued to work to re-establish e-commerce after the cyber attack that took the systems offline.

Also on Friday, the Procon-SP reported that it notified the company asking for explanations about the cyber attack that the company suffered. According to the agency, the company must inform which databases were affected, what was the level of exposure, for what period the site was unavailable and if there was personal data leakage of customers and other strategic information until Wednesday, 25.

The management of Lojas Renner stated, in the same afternoon, that it had not been aware of any formal notification from Procon-SP.