LoL: Riot shows off new Pentakill skins with Viego as a member

Is looking forward to the return of the metal band Pentakill? Riot has already announced the release date of the third album, called “Lost Chapter”. This Tuesday (24) the company also announced the band’s new skins with a new feature: Viego will be the new member of the band.

Pentakill skins coming to LoL soon

The band’s line-up remains the same as before: Karthus on vocals, Kayle also on vocals, Olaf on drums, Sona on keyboards, Mordekaiser on guitar and Yorick on bass, in addition to Viego, who will join as second guitarist.

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The developer has also published some artwork for the new Pentakill skins, including one focused on Viego, the new member. Look:

Kayle, Olaf and Yorick Pentakill
Yorick, Kayle and Olaf. (Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Mordekaiser, Karthus and Sona Pentakill
Mordekaiser, Karthus and Sona. (Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Viego Pentakill.
Viego. (Image: Disclosure/Riot)

The price of the Pentakill skins and when they will arrive on the official League of Legends server, but are expected to be available in patch 11.18, set to arrive on September 9th.