Man survives with the help of dolphins after swimming for 12 hours

One man got lucky while swimming in the icy waters of Tralee Bay on the west coast of Ireland on Sunday (22). That’s because he was nearly three miles from the seashore when he got too exhausted to go back and, with nothing to lean on, he ended up surrounded by dolphins, which kept him from drowning.

The rescue was carried out by the national rescue agency team 12 hours after the swimmer, wearing nothing but a bathing suit, left land, according to the local Irish Independent newspaper. His clothes were left on the beach, which alerted the Coast Guard in the region.

The search action lasted several hours and was only ended after the group noticed the man among several dolphins.

Once saved, the survivor, who was conscious, was taken to an ambulance and taken to hospital. He said he was trying to swim more than 8 km off the coast, but came to the conclusion that he was totally unprepared.

The crew of Operation Finbarr O’Connell was surprised that the victim was still alive. “He was very, very lucky. There is no doubt about it. Half an hour later and he would be lost,” he said, referring to the fact that the region’s waters are extremely cold and the man already showed signs of hypothermia.