Mandating Law passed in Senate and awaiting approval by Bolsonaro; Corinthians favorable

On Tuesday, the Senate approved the Law of the Principal, a project that changes the rules governing the broadcasting rights of clubs’ games. In early July, Corinthians was in favor of the idea, which now only depends on the sanction of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

The Mandant Law derives from the Mandant MP, sanctioned by Bolsonaro last year, but has expired. She predicts that the home clubs have the right to negotiate the transmission of their games regardless of the visiting opponent – Click here to find out more about what the law changes for Corinthians.

The text approved by the Senate did not change compared to what was approved in the Chamber. The only attempt at amendment made in the Senate called for players to share 5% of the arena right with coaches, but it was rejected.

It is important to emphasize that the text provides that the contracts in force are unchanged. Furthermore, it establishes that clubs that do not have a current broadcasting contract can now trade in the new format, independently of the visiting teams.

This week, it is worth remembering, the Globe sent Serie A and Serie B clubs a letter about the Law of the Principal. The station was in favor and spoke of how the Law can be an advance for Brazilian football. With Serie A clubs, the company has a large part of the contracts ending in 2024.

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