Mandating Law: Romário maintains text from the Chamber to speed up voting – 08/24/2021

Due to an agreement signed with the president of the Senate, the Mandant Law will be the first item on today’s agenda (24). With the rapporteurship of Romário (PL-RJ), the text that came from the Chamber was fully maintained and the objective is to remove obstacles that could delay the vote and subsequent sanction of Jair Bolsonaro.

The bill that changes the rules for the sale of broadcasting rights is authored by the Executive and passed through the Chamber after a seam between deputies, clubs and broadcasters. Romário has already published his report on the Senate website and has not changed it.

“If a majority thinks that this report coming from the Chamber is the closest to the ideal, there would be no way to change it. It could not undo something done by several hands, including with companies that are part of this movement. Everything is in agreement. My goal is to help and not get in the way. I couldn’t have any other attitude but that”, explained Baixinho to UOL Esporte.

Earlier today, Romário had a last meeting with representatives of clubs, such as Palmeiras and Flamengo, and leaders of the National Association of Football Clubs and the Free Football Movement. This block advocates quick approval of the text and is satisfied with the current wording.

“If I were going to mess with something, I would have to go back to the Chamber. For the clubs, it’s not interesting. The objective here is to speed things up”, completed Romário.

This is one of the arguments by which the rapporteur of the Mandate Law in the Senate rejected the only amendment presented in the House. Senator Izalcir Lucas (PSDB-DF) suggested the inclusion of coaches in the article of the Pelé Law, which provides for 5% distribution of the arena rights for players. With that, the technicians would be entitled to half of that percentage. But the proposal will not go ahead, although Izalcir is still trying to pass the issue in plenary, in a separate vote.

“Athletes have conquered this right over the years. It’s not that coaches don’t have the right, referees or flags as well. But this has to be a matter for another PL. for the Chamber, I would accept. But I’m willing to try to make this move in the Senate, if he does a project”, completed Romário.

The format of the Home Law that advances through Congress stipulates that home clubs will have the prerogative to negotiate their broadcasting rights, regardless of contracts entered into by visitors. However, the bill has an article saying that existing contracts will not be affected. This is in line with Globo’s desire, for example, which owns the largest share of Brasileirão’s games on open, closed and pay-per-view TV.

But the Principal Law comes with another article stipulating that clubs that currently do not have contracts signed with broadcasters are freed from this “stability” and can now negotiate their rights with the model that is about to go into effect — without the need for visitor’s consent. .