Marcelinho Carioca says he deceived his children to avoid being caught · TV News

Eliminated from The Masked Singer Brasil, Marcelinho Carioca had to deceive his children to be able to participate in Globo’s reality show. The ex-soccer player disguised himself as Coqueiro and took the stage to release his voice, but had to flee from meetings with the heirs to avoid being discovered. “[Estava] always going off on a tangent,” he said.

During the Chat with Camilla de Lucas, in the early hours of this Wednesday (25), Marcelinho said that he was almost unmasked by his children, Matheus, Marcela and Lucas Surcin. “They said: ‘My father, I think it’s you, yes,'” recalled the eliminated of the week.

The former athlete also assumed that his social networks are booming after his participation in the program. “My WhatsApp doesn’t stop, Instagram is exploding. Over the weeks, people said: ‘I saw a situation like this [que parecia você], and I’m always going off on a tangent, disguising [e falando]: ‘No way, I don’t even have time to rehearse, I don’t even sing'”.

Also during the conversation with the ex-BBB, Marcelinho recalled the moment when he was almost discovered by his children:

I live alone, when I went to visit them for dinner during the week or the weekend, they said: ‘Dad, I saw something inside your car, a copy of a song’. I said: ‘It wasn’t Dad’s, no’.

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