Marcelinho says that Palmeiras doesn’t have the World Cup

Idol of Corinthians, Marcelinho Carioca, 49, was the third eliminated from “The Masked Singer Brasil”, by Rede Globo. In addition to surprising him when he sang dressed as a coconut tree on a music program, the former midfielder did not miss the opportunity to provoke Palmeiras, Timão’s rival, by citing conquests of World Club titles.

In the interview with “Bate-papo The Masked Singer”, Marcelinho was asked if there was a difference between coconut trees and palm trees and joked that “the coconut tree has more world titles than Palmeiras”.

“I was just kind of worried because I had a green thing in my head, which is Palmeiras… Next, the coconut tree is bi-world. Palmeiras doesn’t have a world championship,” said Marcelinho Carioca.

“Good boy,” shouted actor Thiago Fragoso, laughing.

Responsible for commanding the interview, former “BBB 21” Camilla de Lucas made fun of it. “Look, guys. Throwing the crap here right now.”

“Pé de Anjo” was also asked about the challenge of accepting to sing in a music reality show and didn’t hide that he was surprised at the attraction’s director’s invitation. After all, his participation in the gospel pagoda group called “Divine Inspiration” did not hold.

When Rico, the director, called me, I said: ‘Are you talking to the right person? Are you talking to the right staff? I don’t sing anything’. I had a gospel samba group and I sang so well that I could only sing half a song. I said: ‘you’re calling the wrong person’.

On social networks, Corinthians fans also didn’t miss the chance to make fun of the fact that “Coqueiro” has more world titles than the rival.