Marília Mendonça’s butt draws attention and Murilo Huff responds

Powerful! This Monday afternoon, August 24th, Marília Mendonça warmed up the timeline of internet users by sharing a photo showing the butt while enjoying the Mexican heat in Tulum, one of the favorite destinations of Brazilian celebrities.

From the back, farther from the camera, the singer appears close to the sea, wearing sunglasses, a bucket hat and a set of a thong bikini that showed her buttocks. In the caption, she played with the pose: “Hold your arm princess, otherwise your ass will fall…”

In the comments, there were several compliments, but what caught our attention was the sincere declaration of Murilo Huff, the artist’s boyfriend and father of her son.

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“Gostosa mi chica,” he wrote in Spanish. In response, Marília only confirmed: “Tuya”.

Last Sunday, she was also in an atmosphere of romance and tranquility with her lover. In a series of photos inside a cave with crystal clear water, she appeared to be very full refreshing herself and being pampered by Huff.

“Hard to look pretty close to these wonders… God and all his perfection! (I took 4,000 photos, these are the ones I took advantage of)”, he warned, in the caption, once again joking.

Last Monday, August 24th, Luísa Sonza released the visual clip of the version of “better alone” with Marília Mendonça. The queen of suffering gave the sertanejo and even more “crying” touch to the single, taken from Sonza’s newest album, “Doce 22”.

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The lovebirds, by the way, are staying in a very luxurious place, the Azulik hotel, one of the most famous in the place, with daily rates ranging from US$ 630 (about R$ 3,388) to up to US$ 10,295 (R$ 55,366). The private beach resort has tree houses and gives access to a secluded beach where clothing is optional. “Thinking a lot about the tickets that await me in Brazil”, joked Marília, in a post on the internet.

Tulum has been a holiday destination for other famous ones as well, such as Anitta, Luisa Sonza, Ludmilla, Thaila Ayala, Juliana Paes, Sasha Meneghel and MC Rebecca.


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