Marquinhos Calazans (remember him?) disappears after injury, and São Paulo studies contract termination | São Paulo

Forward Marquinhos Calazans returned to São Paulo from a loan with CRB at the end of January after tore a ligament in his left knee at the club from Alagoas. (see the video above).

With an agreement in Tricolor valid until June 30, 2022, the player should continue his recovery in the CT of Barra Funda, but he has not appeared in recent months, and São Paulo is studying the case. Termination of contract can be one of the solutions.

Marquinhos Calazans was hired from Fluminense in May 2019, which kept 30% of the economic rights with a view to future negotiation. The agreement between the clubs also made it easier for Brenner, now in the United States, on loan for the Rio team that year.

Currently 24 years old, Calazans arrived in São Paulo at 22 as a bet by coach Cuca, who saw him as a player to act on the edges of the field or even as a wing.

Calazans trains with ball in São Paulo — Photo: Publicity

But the player’s passage through the Tricolor was disastrous. Calazans has only entered the field four times and has not scored a goal. The forward, even, never scored any goals as a professional. He rose from the base of Fluminense in 2016.

With no space and without delighting any coach who played for Tricolor in São Paulo, Calazans was loaned to CRB in 2020. In his second match for the club, he managed to give an assist, but suffered a serious injury to the ligament in his left knee in the first half.

In September of last year, Calazans performed surgery at the site while still at the CRB and the recovery time was approximately eight months. With the end of the loan on January 31, the treatment was supposed to continue in São Paulo, but he didn’t show up anymore.

On the athlete’s social networks, numerous photos of trips and parties were posted in recent months. The last mention to football occurred in March, with a memory of training at the CT of São Paulo.

Sought through the press office, the representatives of Marquinhos Calazans declined to comment on the case involving the player. São Paulo also does not comment on the case, but the report found that the situation is already being analyzed by the legal sector.

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Calazans, from São Paulo, on social networks — Photo: Reproduction