‘Matrix 4’ wins official title and trailer; learn more details

CinemaCon is bringing several news and one of them is about ‘Matrix 4’. THE Warner Bros. presented last Tuesday (24) during the US event the official title of the new film in the saga, ‘Resurrections’. Unveiling the name of the latest chapter in the adventure of Neo (Keanu Reeves) came along with the exclusive presentation of the first trailer of the production, which should reach the public very soon.

According to the website deadline, the preview begins with “Neil Patrick Harris’ character talking to Neo from Keanu Reeves. In the near future, San Francisco. It feels like Neo is trapped in a monotonous world, much like his first self in the 1999 movie. He just doesn’t understand the environment around him.”


“’Am I crazy?’ Neo asks. ‘We don’t use that word here,’ says Harris’ character, apparently a therapist. Reeves tries to make contact with Trinity (Carrie Anne Moss) in a cafe: ‘Have we met before?’ she asks Neo, apparently not remembering the character’s past events.

Fan art for 'Matrix 4'.  Image: Social Media/Reproduction
Fan art for ‘Matrix 4’. Image: Social Media/Reproduction

In one scene, “blue pills are seen being spilled into the sink while Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” plays in the background. Soon after, an image of Neo is seen in the mirror, distorting into an older version”. After that, “a younger Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) appears and tells Neo: ‘time to fly’, handing him a red pill.”

Before the preview ends, the deadline reports that “there are many jumps, pirouettes in the air, karate and all the stunts we expect from a Matrix movie.”

Written and directed by Lana Wachowski, co-creator of the original franchise, ‘Matrix 4’ brings the return of Keanu Reeves in the skin of Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss like trinity. Laurence Fishburne, apparently, will not return as Morpheus in the new movie. Other names that return to the fourth feature of the saga are Jada Pinkett-Smith like Niobe, Lambert Wilson like Merovingian and Daniel Bernhardt like the agent johnson.

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‘Resurrections’ will also bring new characters and some of them will be played by heavyweight actors, like Neil Patrick Harris (‘How I Met Your Mother’), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (‘The Legend of Candyman’), Christina Ricci (‘The Addams Family’), Jonathan Groff (‘Mindhunter’) and Priyanka Chopra (‘Baywatch: SOS Malibu’).

Besides them, four actors from ‘Sense8’, a series also created by Wachowski, are present. Are they: Brian J. Smith (Will Gorski on the Netflix series), Eréndira Ibarra (Daniela), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang) and Toby Online (Capheus). Officially, none of the new characters had the roles revealed.

The Matrix: Resurrections‘ is set to debut in theaters in December 22, 2021. Currently, all the films in the saga are available on the HBO Max streaming service, in addition to the CG animation that precedes the events of the features, ‘Animatrix: The History Before The Matrix‘.

Sources: Deadline and Collider

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