Maurício takes shirt to Bolsonaro and Eduardo says 13 is not PT’s monopoly – 08/24/2021

The central of the Brazilian volleyball team Maurício Souza visited the Palácio do Planalto today (24), where he met with president Jair Bolsonaro, and also visited the Chamber of Deputies, where he met with federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro. The Rio-2016 Olympic champion gave them a copy of his shirt in the national team, with the number 13, which in the ballot boxes is the PT’s number.

The federal deputy, who is also the president’s son, posed with the shirt, but he did not fail to mention this detail. “Who said that 13 is the PT’s monopoly?”, he asked through Instagram stories. In the autograph on the shirt, however, Maurício placed the number 17, even though he historically wears the shirt 13 in clubs and in the national team. The central played for Taubaté, but has already closed with Minas for the next season.

In the photos of the meeting with Jair Bolsonaro, it is possible to see that Maurício took the gold medal won at Rio-2016 to the president and also a shirt of the Brazilian team, the model used in the League of Nations, with the sponsorship of Banco do Brasil. The meeting is not on the president’s agenda and neither Maurício nor Bolsonaro posted any photos of him wearing his shirt.

Bolsonaro broke a tradition of years and did not receive the Brazilian athletes who attended the Tokyo Olympic Games before the competition and so far, more than two weeks after the closing ceremony, he has not received them on his return either. Traditionally, the president offers a reception to the medalists, something that the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes (PSD) and the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB) did, for example.

The president has practically not discussed the Olympic Games in recent weeks, except for a video talking exactly about Maurício Souza, one of the athletes who most explicitly defends the president on social media. Before the 2018 election, the central reached 17 with his hands on a photo of the national team, along with the opposite Wallace, who celebrated today’s meeting on his colleague’s Instagram.