Mauro Cezar calls the responsa and disapproves of 4 signings at Corinthians: “We know how it works”

Few expected such an aggressive posture from the Corinthians in the market, but Duílio he is “tireless” and intends to announce even more reinforcements. Renato Augusto and Giuliano were hired and will give an up in midfield of Sylvinho, which hopes to receive attacking players as well. Roger Guedes, ex-palm trees, is also expected.

Mauro Cezar Pereira, in your participation in the program UOL News Sport, also commented on the speculation of Willian, who would be negotiating his departure from Arsenal. According to the journalist, they are all great players and will bring results, but they are real financial “bombs”, which can cause immeasurable damage.

“It’s freed up some, it’s true, it’s opened up some space on the payroll, but it’s filling it with all the voluptuousness. There have already been two signings, we talk about others, even William, who is a player who plays in the Premier League and who is leaving Arsenal, we even talk about that”, he said.

Photo: Juliana Flister/Getty Images

Photo: Juliana Flister/Getty Images

“Roger Guedes enters the category of players like Giuliano and Renato Augusto, players who were abroad, who come from the Chinese market, he is not a cheap player, he is not a player who will play here in exchange for two minimum wages, a mariola and a pastel, he will play for a high salary”.

“This has become a routine here in Brazil. Off the field, we know how it works, up front, debts, you can’t pay, you can’t honor commitments, negative news, players going to court, that kind of thing that’s been happening in Brazilian football for a long time.”, completed MCP.