MC Poze do Rodo detonates and threatens Camilla de Lucas: “Watch out, huh”

Shit! MC Poze do Rodo detonated Camilla de Lucas for not liking a supposed comment from her sister about her girlfriend being pregnant with their third child. Did not understand? Calm down and we’ll explain it to you.

MC Poze do Rodo announced this Monday (8/23), that his girlfriend, Vivanne Noronha, 17, is pregnant. This will be the couple’s third child. The funkeiro was disgusted with the negative comments about the pregnancy and went on the attack.

One of the targets was Camilla de Lucas, a former BBB21 participant.

Camilla de Lucas stated that, even at age 26, she was still afraid of getting pregnant in her “adolescence”. MC Poze do Rodo and the artist’s fans saw a hint in the comment. The funkeiro went on the attack.

“There are people who think they are an artist and are talking cute. [Se] catch me pissed off, will catch me marking here on Instagram, ok? Hold and prepare. BBB guys are talking cute, be careful huh. When I turn to bitch, you’ll hear a few good ones”, said the singer, in Stories on Instagram.

“I’m powerless with something like that. Tramp who can keep a shitty opinion in his ass, wants to come and talk funny”, continued the funkeiro. “We were in strength here for this son of a bitch to win, now it’s better. Stop, huh”, concluded the artist.

Camilla de Lucas then spoke. According to the presenter of The Masked Singer, the comment had nothing to do with MC Poze do Rodo.

“I made a post talking about myself, from a conversation I had with my boyfriend and people are linking to Poze and his pregnant wife. STOP SPREADING FALSE NEWS AND UNTRUE! I texted him and his wife to explain the chaos the internet causes. Guys, ENOUGH!”, he wrote.